Is there any good news to celebrate? Our Saturday coffee klatch, February 3, 2024

With Heather Lofthouse and yours truly

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Hello friends,

Welcome back to our Saturday Coffee Klatch.

Today is the South Carolina primary, but rather than spend much time on it (Trump will get his party’s nomination), Heather and I consider the remarkably good set of economic reports that emerged this past week and what, if anything, they mean for Biden’s reelection bid — plus why more than 70 percent of Republicans say the economy is terrible.

We also look at the U.S. military’s attacks on Iranian forces and the militias Iran is backing, in Iraq and Syria, in response to Iran’s drone attack last Sunday that killed three American soldiers and injured at least 40 others. Is this the start of a regional war?

Along the way we look at the new Child Tax Credit bill and why so many progressives are against it. And why the border security bill emerging from the Senate, as well as additional funding for Ukraine, are unlikely to pass (the answer is spelled TRUMP).

Finally, we examine whether the Delaware chancery court is correct — that there is such a thing as excessive executive compensation — and why Elon Musk is living proof.

Please grab a cup, pull up a chair, and join us. And, if so inclined, take today’s klatch poll:


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