Saturday coffee klatch!

With Heather Lofthouse and yours truly

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Welcome back to our Saturday coffee klatch with Heather Lofthouse. Today we examine:

The temporary ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. What does it really mean?

Black Friday holiday sales. My personal relationship to the day. Consumer spending is up, so why are so many people down on the Biden economy?

Bob’s new Substack series on the reality of American capitalism and whether American capitalism is compatible with the common good. Is it?

The mess at OpenAI and what it means. Has OpenAI sacrificed safety for big money? What does this mean for AI in general? Who should be balancing safety and profits?

Nikki Haley’s political rise. Will she get the Republican nomination?

My 1994 Thanksgiving speech predicting that a growing class of angry and frustrated people would become susceptible to a demagogue. Bob reveals a secret about that speech.

Heather’s mother-in-law, Julia, who is visiting over Thanksgiving. And what Bob is grateful for (hint: her first name is Heather).

Thanks for joining us!


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