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Saturday Coffee Klatch with Heather Lofthouse

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Good morning, and welcome back to my Saturday coffee klatch with Heather Lofthouse (executive director of Inequality Media Civic Action), where we examine the highs, lows, and even lower points of the previous week. Please pull up a chair, grab a cup, and join us.

Today we’re adding a new feature so you can watch as well as hear us (should you wish). And we apologize for the technical difficulties this week. Please let us know in the comments if you’d like us to continue this feature (assuming we do better with the video and audio).

Today, Heather and I examine:

— The continuing tragedy in Israel and Gaza. What’s the outlook? What role is Biden playing? What should be done?

— The continuing clown show in Congress. Jim Jordan is in for speaker, then he’s out, then in, then out. House Republicans continue to preside over what’s in effect a shutdown of the House of Representatives. What’s going to happen?

— The good economic news that median household wealth in America increased by a record 37 percent between 2019 and 2022 — but then dropped when the pandemic stimulus relief was withdrawn.

— The continuing predation of large pharmaceutical corporations. Pfizer doubled the price of Paxlovid — which is critically important for people who get COVID (as I did two weeks ago). Again, what should be done?

— I’m heading to Washington for the 30th reunion of my team at the Department of Labor, which will happen later today. We haven’t seen each other since we implemented the Family and Medical Leave Act, raised the minimum wage, attacked sweatshops, and protected the health and safety of millions of workers.

— Our emergency alert earthquake warning — without an earthquake (for some of us).

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