Aug 13 • 14M

Will we get lost in the fog of Trump?

Saturday's coffee klatch

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Robert Reich exposes where power lies in our system — and how it's used and abused.
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On Saturdays I have a cup of coffee with my colleague Heather Lofthouse, and we press record on my laptop so you can listen and chime in with any comments. Heather is the Executive Director of Inequality Media Civic Action, and my former student. She asks me about the economic and political happenings of the past week (this past one was a doozy). We cover both the highlights and lowlights, and aim to provide a larger context around what we’re all being presented with (or not) in the news. We often address our generational divide. And we always work to avoid being too cynical.

In today’s coffee klatch we cover: 

  • The FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.

  • Democrats’ successes. How much is a subsidy of business?

  • What does the GOP stand for other than Trump?

  • Back to school already?

  • And more Coffee Klatch theme songs: Over 30 of you talented, generous Substack listeners have sent us original tunes for us to play as an intro (and outro!) for these weekly recordings. What a treat, including during these trying times. Today we feature a few more of the results from this “contest.” Special thanks to Syliva B., Anahata I., Corey K. & Deirdre B., and Peter L.

Grab a cup and pull up a chair. Thanks for listening.


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