Jul 6 • 2M

Office hours: Is America becoming a theocracy?

What can be done to stop it.

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An increasing number of Republicans are openly pushing to turn America into a theocracy. Last week Rep. Lauren Boebert called for an end of the separation of Church and state, falsely claiming that the founding fathers felt “the church is supposed to direct the government.” The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade appears to have been influenced by the personal religious beliefs of the justices, including Justice Barrett, who told Notre Dame graduates in a 2006 speech, “Your legal career is but a means to an end, and… that end is building the kingdom of God.” The Court also ruled in favor of allowing public tax dollars to go to religious schools and allowing public school officials to lead students in prayer.

Meanwhile, a new training program for Florida public school teachers is promoting so-called “Christian values,” stating that it’s a “misconception” that “the Founders desired strict separation of church and state.” At the same time, some in the Republican Party have made no effort to hide their view that America is a “white Christian” nation and that Christian nationalism should be the guiding principle of American politics.

Hence, my Office Hours question for you this week: What is the best way for all of us (people of faith and as well as atheists and agnostics; Christians as well as Jews, Muslims, and other faiths) to prevent this slide toward theocracy?

Please comment below (I’ll respond and add my own thoughts). Should you wish, please also respond to the poll.

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