Electoral wins? Trump trials? CRs? Joe Manchin? The Saturday coffee klatch!

with Heather Lofthouse and yours truly

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Welcome back to our Saturday coffee klatch with Heather Lofthouse. Today we examine:

The results of races in Ohio, Kentucky, and elsewhere in “red America” are showing how out of step the GOP’s white Christian nationalism is with the majority of Americans. How much encouragement should Democrats take from this?

Mike Johnson’s utter inability to get anything done, including a continuing resolution to keep the government open after Friday, and aid to Israel and aid to Ukraine. How large a problem is this likely to be?

Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York. Why is he taking such a brash and outrageous approach to his defense?

Joe Manchin decides not to run for Senate again. What does this mean for the Democrats? Will Manchin now run for president under the “No Labels” party? How big a problem might this be for Biden?

Trump’s plans for taking over America. He’ll lose the 2024 election, but what happens if he doesn’t? Is Nikki Haley Trump’s likely vice presidential pick?

My new series beginning next Friday on Substack about the common good and capitalism. Is American capitalism compatible with the common good?

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