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Trying to make sense out of tragedy and dysfunction

Trying to make sense out of tragedy and dysfunction

Saturday Coffee Klatch with Heather Lofthouse


Good morning, and welcome back to my Saturday coffee klatch with Heather Lofthouse (executive director of Inequality Media Civic Action), where we examine the highs, lows, and even lower points of the previous week. Please pull up a chair, grab a cup, and join us.

Today, we look at:

The tragedy in Israel and Gaza. Who and what are responsible? Is Israel solving anything by bombing and mounting a ground invasion of Gaza? What’s the likely endgame here?

The dysfunction of House Republicans, who have effectively stopped the U.S. government. Why Jim Jordan would be a disaster as speaker. Is there any way out of this Trumpish quagmire?

The strikes by the UAW, SAG, and health workers at Kaiser Permanente. Why are we seeing this upsurge in labor action? How is it related to what the Biden administration has done? And why is this a good thing?

Heather’s “I’m not surprised, but I’m fuming” segment — about Republican efforts around the country to repeal no-fault divorce. Why are Republicans doing this? How is this related to Republican efforts to stop abortions?


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