The real story behind Trump’s “wins” in New Hampshire and Iowa: Saturday coffee klatch

With yours truly and Heather Lofthouse, and our special guest

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Hello friends,

Welcome back to our Saturday coffee klatch, where today we explore the real story behind Trump’s so-called “wins” in the New Hampshire primary and last week’s Iowa caucuses — and why they’re actually big losses for Trump. After all, he was president between 2017 and 2021, and a former president has a presumed lock on his party’s nomination. What’s extraordinary is how well Nikki Haley did on Tuesday.

We also talk with Congressman Ro Khanna — one of the sharpest and most progressive members of Congress — about these Trump losses, what they signify for the general election, and how Biden can best cut through the noise and demagoguery to show voters why he deserves another term.

So please grab a cup, pull up a chair, and join us (and if you wish, take this week’s coffee klatch poll).


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