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Republican political violence and other worries from the week: The Saturday Coffee Klatch

With Heather Lofthouse and yours truly


Welcome back to our Saturday coffee klatch with Heather Lofthouse. Today we examine:

House Republicans will not kick out George Santos despite his fake resume and mounting evidence of illegal activity. Will the GOP and Santos be held accountable?

Incidents of violence and potential violence in the House and Senate, among lawmakers. Why is this happening?

Trump’s full-throated fascism — describing his opponents as vermin, planning to round up undocumented immigrants and place them in detention camps, encouraging violence. Where is this going?

Meanwhile, Biden avoids or plays down conflict with big corporations, Wall Street, and billionaires — which means that the media ignores his accomplishments (the media reports on conflict). Why won’t he call them out? Why isn’t he taking credit for going after Google and Amazon?

Elon Musk promotes antisemitism on “X” by advocating a post on “replacement theory.” Advertisers must pull out all advertising from X, and the rest of us should boycott the platform. Like Trump, Musk is building his base off of hate.

Thanksgiving plans. Travel safely. Enjoy your family.

Please pull up a chair and, if you’re so moved, take our poll:


Our thanks to Kyle Parker, Naomi Bradford, and Michael Lahanas-Calderon for their technical assistance.


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