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Are the bullies gaining control of America? The Coffee Klatch | June 22, 2024

with Heather Lofthouse and yours truly


In today’s klatch, Heather and I begin with the Supreme Court’s “decision” — by making no decision on special counsel Jack Smith’s request for a ruling on presidential immunity — that Trump won’t be held accountable before the 2024 election for engineering an attempted coup on January 6, 2021.

We then consider the spike in donations to the Trump campaign immediately following the Manhattan jury’s decision to convict him on all criminal counts of election interference — including billionaire Andrew Mellon’s $50 million donation. And the brutality inflicted by Big Oil seeking to reverse Biden’s climate change initiatives by cozying up to Trump, at a time when the Earth is already warming at an alarming rate and millions of Americans are directly suffering the consequences. We end with yesterday’s 60th anniversary of the Mississippi murders of my friend Michael Schwerner, along with James Chaney and Andrew Goodman, and consider its significance today.

Please join us, and, if you wish, take our poll:


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