Jun 3 • 22M

The political and the personal: Bob and Heather reveal where they got their political values

Saturday coffee klatch with Heather Lofthouse

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Robert Reich
Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich exposes where power lies in our system — and how it's used and abused.
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Lots of news this week, but we thought it a good time to push the pause button for a moment. We get so much mail from so many of you who are curious about, well, us — especially how we got to political views and values we have, and how our stories compare to yours. So we thought we’d spend today’s klatch on the personal and political. 

Among the issues we talk about are:

— Our political “awakenings.” What were the triggers and circumstances?

— How our political views have evolved.

— How and why we got into the work we’re now doing.

— What we’d tell a young person today who wants to make a difference, and how it’s different from what we were told.


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