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What is truly baffling to me is that there are WWII,Korean,and Vietnam veterans that stick up for this idiot,and condone his treasonous antics.

This was the same coward who cried Bone Spurs to avoid duty in Vietnam.(Hence the nickname"Cadet Bone Spurs").

These sedionists would get more than prison if they'd pulled this crap in the olden days,they would have been lined up and shot.How is it that we have people who totally excuse antics like this,and even defend them,and fall to pieces when these people are duly prosecuted?What on Earth has really happened to us,for this to be considered normal behavior?

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There are many who were involved in this attempted coup who are still roaming free without having to deal with the consequences of their actions supporting this insurrection. They need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This includes trumpie boy and all those involved on his staff as well as congresspersons who gave tours etc.

Those who have given their lives must feel insulted that these guys are not paying for their treasonous acts. I understand that the wheels of justice turn slowly, but it would be assuring that they will get their just due.

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We know these facts already, Professor Reich. I, and millions of other people watched this travesty unfold on live TV on January 6, 2021. I have faith (odd coming from me, but I do) in the Department of Justice, in the Attorney General, Merrick Garland, and in Jack Smith. Yes it's taking a long time. But the DOJ is meticulously gathering so much evidence that even the, not so Supreme Court will be able to overturn a conviction without being impeached themselves. The Magats may think they have control, but in realty their forces amount to at most 20% of the registered voters. If the Democrats have the courage to go out in unison and remind people of how horrible the trumpster is, of how he demeaned us before the world, of how he attacked their own government just so he could declare himself dictator for life. If President Biden continues to produce the great legislation he as already had passed and if he and the Democrats shout it out loud, hole town halls nationwide to present our achievements we can and will win 2024. All it takes is the courage to stand up proudly and tell the truth. Of course, if the magats succeed in throwing the United States and the whole world into economic chaos, we may not still be a country by 2024. Won't that make the trumpster and putin happy.

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18 USC § 2383 — Rebellion or insurrection

"Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

Telling a knowingly armed mob to "...walk to the Capitol..." to obstruct the authority of the United States Constitutional counting of the Electoral College votes is the very definition of "sets on foot" & "insurrection."

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Done! I sent an email to Mr. Garland via the website www.justice.gov.

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Thank you for reminding us of our duty as citizens. I will write that letter. My family is a military family, father, grandfather, uncles, cousins and their children have served. Donald Trump has committed treason and sedition. He is a clear and present danger to our country. He has no excuse. He is a despicable person and deserves to end his life in prison. The time has more than come to get him in court and tried for his crimes against this country, full stop.

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reading this makes you wonder why the guy is not even in court yet, let alone in jail.........in reality he is a likely candidate to become president again. In stark contrast with it fighting off external enemies, why is US so weak with dealing with its internal enemies.?...and the external enemies happily use the internal enemies for their cause..... Those convicted sofar are not even the real enemies...they are just some of the soldiers.........the powerful internal enemies who are driven by their big money and big business masters remain untouched, protected by corrupt politicians , paid to destroy democracy..... America today

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Memorial Day was originally instituted to honor and remember those who had died in defense of the Union and to end slavery in the Civil War. My wife's mother used to tell us about the parades of Civil War veterans, many getting pretty old at that point, in Cleveland when she was a child on what they still called Decoration Day. Sadly, the Day was founded at the same time as the traitors that tried to destroy the United States in order to preserve slavery were being let off from facing any consequences for their sedition. Some things never change, and it may well be that the failure to hold the leaders of the Confederacy responsible for their crimes has led to the failure to hold Donald Trump responsible for his crimes. One thing that has sadly changed is that states like Ohio and Indiana and too many others have completely forgotten the many young men from their states who gave their lives to save the Union between 1861 and 1865. Not to mention the contrast between what the original Republican Party was in 1860 and the horrible monstrosity that the Republican Party is now. Never forget the original purpose of Memorial Day.

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" Please write Attorney General Merrick Garland* and remind him and Special Counsel Jack Smith of their constitutional duty."

Sad when this needs to be said.

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People support Donald Trump because with the accelerated rate of societal change in the last several decades, they fear their way of life is coming to an end. Trump appeals to them because his simplistic tropes on white nationalist supremacy, abortion and gun idolatry are easy for even the dullest minds to embrace.

This is very similar to the pattern of many prior autocrats around the world. It's very disturbing but a real threat to our American values. For most of us the only option is to support President Biden and Democrats up and down the ticket, despite their flaws. If Democrats turn out in force we can still defeat the gerrymandering Republicans.

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I have been thinking about this very thing ever since last Thursday. The former occupant of the Peoples House must be locked up.

Kudos for this piece, Professor - I hope everyone viewing this today will put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard…) and write to Garland as well.

Be well,

Anne in MD 🌻

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Donnie boy trump is a coward and a walking talking Fraud.

His manipulation of the” unwashed “ is a direct result of our failed education system and the formally Supreme Court becoming a corrupt third world elites that wants to be above the law .

That combination of CROOKS and Conmen has been eating at the roots of Democracy for decades. The idea that the Jan 6 traitors and roger stone types can be pardoned is an abuse of common sense that invites vigilante justice, makes this a laughing collection of Fools.

Why doesn’t Roger Stone have to testify and come clean about his abuse of our duty honor and country.??!


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That Trump has not all ready been convicted of seditious conspiracy is an absurd obscenity. I am embarrassed by the fecklessness of our justice system, and especially by the Disgraced Roberts Court. The silly six are without a scintilla of ethics. Congratulations to them for replacing the Taney Court as the absolute worst.

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Beautifully written. Succinct. Simple. Factual.Why is this indictment taking this long? Trump should be dusqualified from running for President under the 14th Amendment which apparently is one Constitutional Amendment thr Republican Party ignores. We have a man who committed treason running for reelection. His main rival has declared that, if elected, he would pardon Trump and all those convicted of the January 6th insurrection. This man wore a uniform of the US Navy and swore an oath to uphold the Constitution with his life. Mr. Top Gov makes a mockery of his service and uses the uniform not in service to his country but to serve his own political ambitions. Its not pudding that DeSantis is eating with his fingers

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Dawna Robertson

Email Address:

Please choose the general topic of your message:

Messages to the Attorney General

Your message to the Department of Justice

Dear AG Garland,

On this Memorial Day, I want YOU and YOUR OFFICE to take solemn note of your duty to protect this democracy from SEDITIOUS criminals. Specifically, Donald J Trump, Virginia Thomas, Roger Stone, John Eastman, Roger Stone—all traitors who planned and participated in the Jan. 6 coup attempt. The Oath Keeper ringleaders received some measure of justice; now it is time to put the hammer of justice to the ACTUAL traitors.

Furthermore, the Republican Party needs to be investigated on RICO charges: A coterie of fascist, neonazi billionaires act as Mob bosses, using their money to install and control GOP office holders. The Republican Party has become an instrument of obstruction of justice and sedition for the purpose of gaining power, influence and monetary exploitation by billionaires who criminally employ “Citizen’s United” to extort politicians who receive campaign funding.

With regards to the Jan. 6 coup, there are specific corporate entities (executive/owners) who financed “election denying candidates” and THEY NEED TO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. Investigative reporters, Judd Legum and Rebecca Crosby of “Popular Information” published the names of the “top 50” obstructionists in their article, “Corporations donated more than $35.6 million to election deniers” on Substack. https://popular.info/p/corporations-donated-more-than-356?r=brih&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post.

There is no greater threat to this country and, as Attorney General to the United States, I hope you recognized the duty to bring justice to Republican traitors.

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First, Robert, thank you for what you said about Trump. He’s a seditionist of the first and worst order.

In reference to what Memorial Day is about, most of the servicemen who died in battle in the decades since WW II did not do so on behalf of freedom or democracy. They fought in unjust wars. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were murdered by our soldiers, and they had done nothing to hurt us; they hadn’t invaded or attacked our country. The deaths of our soldiers, caused by people defending their homelands, are being used to glorify the hideous national, and presidential, egotism and imperialism that is the great shame of the United States. There’s so much false patriotism about this!

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