Feb 6, 2022 • 2M

Caption contest resumes next Sunday. Today, background watching in preparation for "Wealth and Poverty" starting Friday

Think of it as pleasant homework

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Robert Reich
Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich exposes where power lies in our system — and how it's used and abused.
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Thank you so much for joining me in this community. It’s an experiment in group learning and teaching about the American system — and it’s succeeding far beyond my expectations. Your interest and enthusiasm make it all worthwhile.

Please let others know!

In preparation for my course on Wealth and Poverty, which starts Friday on this page, you may find useful the documentary below. It’s called Inequality for All. I made it a few years ago with the talented director Jacob Kornbluth. It’s won many awards, and is used in college classrooms across America.

As you’ll see, the doc begins and ends in an earlier version of the same course you’ll be taking starting Friday (although you’ll be taking it remotely).

The doc runs 1 hour and 15 minutes. Think of it as pleasant homework.

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