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Robert, you’re a national treasure. Thank you for educating us on this and other critical issues.

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We need to Fight Like Hell to give America back to the average working people!

Here is a Warning:

If Trump and his band of followers are not stopped by the courts, before the presidential election, they will rig the election! They tried and came so very close in 2020. If not for the VPOTUS doing the right thing, Trump would still be president. Behind the scenes they are scheming a foolproof plan to make sure they win this November!

We can and will lose our democracy if the judicial branch doesn’t stop them. Jan 6 was just a despicable sample of what they are capable of doing!

The deplorables will never accept President Biden and his administration. Many of them, unfortunately, are members of Congress. Certain Republicans are calling the Jan 6 criminals hostages! Many of Trump’s base have said “maybe we need a dictatorship!” (Ignorance on Steroids)

These people need to watch “BEYOND UTOPIA” on PBS for a great example of what they would be in for.

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Here is where the plan fails: Citizen's United has given corps the right to own homes like the rest of us. The Dem bill is DOA. Repeal Citizen's United and strip all rights from Corps who want to kill us, after sucking all our lifeblood and tossing us in the street.

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Add banning foreign ownership (like China!) to banning hedge fund company ownership of American real estate!

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Really good idea! To make it reality:


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If only the Democrats would get messages like this one (both acknowledging the obvious crisis, Wall Street’s direct role in it, and the Democrats’ plan to address it) this country would not be poised on the edge of an authoritarian takeover. Going back even further to 2008, if the Obama Administration had only decided to bail out average Americans instead of the big banks, our middle class would have been saved. Shameful on both counts.

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First and most important thank you for your work on this and your work over the years.

As is often the case, I wake up in the middle of the night to urinate, most times I go back to sleep, but too often I doom scroll, I suppose your post is not technically doom scrolling since it seems positive. I suppose it is click bait.

However it is not my getting the sleep I need.

I have been told that that I need to leave where I am living in few months. I need to find a new place to live. I do not know if I can.

I am not a young person. I am 69 years old but have a variety problems that are preventing me from doing what I need to do to get housing.

I think that the USA and perhaps the world has become increasing dysfunctional more and more people are finding it hard to survive, much less thrive.

To be sure some people are thriving, but most are not, as least as far as I can tell.

I hope I am wrong, but I don't think so.

With that I am going back to bed.

I hope that when I wake up, I find withing myself the gumption to make my life and the world better.

You have taught that even if I think I cannot I must try. . So far, it has not worked.

maybe tomorrow.

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No matter how hard many of us work, the carrot of home ownership keeps being pulled tantalizingly just out of reach.

Young people have turned to the “tiny house”; this pisses off the capitalists who don’t want you to easily pay off a debt. They want you to have the anxiety of what Marcuse called “the performance principle.” The fear that keeps us working for low wages servicing outrageous debts. Their empires that support the upper class of the true useless eaters thrive on fear and interest payments. Subsistence living is not much different than classical slavery. I heard one rich, not well known, mogul boast that he could “buy and sell most people.” He does.

When a kid in college finds that he can live in a small room, with books, classes, and food—just the essentials —and be happy his own paid for cottage looks like freedom. This scares the banksters, greed mongers, and real estate investors. So, one trick they have is to prevent such a building from being built. Watch out for draconian zoning laws and hikes in building materials cost; this is one way to stifle indépendance. They already say that if you build a house too small, you can’t place it on a permanent foundation even if you own the land. These greedy monsters won’t stop at anything to keep their profit mills rolling right over the top of us.

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Owing more on a home than it’s worth … I seem to recall that that basic situation applied to then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — UNTIL some mysterious benefactor(s) paid off the mortgage.

Has anyone dived back into that curious circumstance?

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Everyday working people are not aware that big banks et al.-- 'the Street'-- made home loans in the 1980s people who could never pay it back when they became due.

Only so those very same banks could take ownership of the property at rock bottom prices, and sell it again for unheard of profit.

How were those predatory home loans legal?

Here's hoping legislation to ban hedge funds et al. from buying single family homes-- and relinquish those they do own-- is enacted soon!

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This goes back to the 2007-08’ housing bubble. Fannie Mae was selling their mortgages in bulk at steep discounts to hedge-funds, and banks were illegally foreclosing on homeowners without having the proper titles.

Even military families weren’t spared, and the law prohibits foreclosures on active military during a war. Yet, tens of thousands of military families were fighting to protect their homes from unscrupulous lenders, while being deployed in a war zone.

A wise man once said that socialism is when your house is on the fire, and the fire department comes to extinguish that fire. Capitalism is when your house is on fire, and the insurance companies refuse to pay your claim.

Capitalism only works for everyone, when you have laws and regulations in place to insure that consumers are treated fairly. Since Reagan, all evidence points to the contrary…:)

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How much will it take to repeal Citizens United? Corporations are not people.

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When so many Dems have sold their souls to Wall Street rather than proactively legislating for the benefit of the working people of America, the vultures are happy to seize every possible opportunity to make a profit. Let’s hope this new bill passes and helps to restore balance in the housing market.

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Watch “The House on Magnolia Street,” about the housing struggle of the group Mom’s for Housing in Oakland CA. They fought a hedge fund (Wedgewood) and won!

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Most citizens do not realize how their mortgages are cslculated , compound interest.

The Next big thing to take our money is an air tax ; thay ( Wall Street ) want to tax us for the air we breath . The more mass you have the more your air will cost based upon the size of you body.

Voting matters Republicans are not good for us neither are southern democrats (Like Clinton) or former democrats ( Like Regan). The Republicans view the population as a resource to be exploited…

Money in politics is bad for the silent Majority and the working poor…

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While in many places in the United States the Street is a major buyer in single family homes, there are other factors driving up the price of houses. In the Northeast, there are strict zoning laws that dictate the amount of land needed to build a home. That in itself drives up the price of a house. Then there are the good old boy networks that exists in a Town or City. If you are a white man and know the right people in the Town or City there is the wink, wink, nod, nod, and suddenly a building permit is obtained or a house can be sold.

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