I’m so glad you’re here.

The dark forces of authoritarianism are very much with us, as are growing inequality and corruption. Obviously, there’s no simple remedy. But surely part of the answer is to grow a community of people committed to spreading the truth and contributing to a better world. Which is why I’m here, and presumably why you are.

The reason I write this daily newsletter is not just to inform (and occasionally amuse) you, but also to arm you with the truth — about how the system works and doesn’t, where power is located and where it’s lacking, and the myths and lies used by those who are blocking positive social change — so you can fight more effectively for the common good.

Here’s my deal. I’ll continue to give you the facts and arguments, even sprinkle in drawings and videos. I’ll do whatever I can to help strengthen your understanding and resolve, and give you the information you need.

In return, please use the facts, arguments, drawings and videos to continue the fight. To fight harder. And enlist others. (And, if you can, support this effort with a paid or gift subscription.)

If at any time you feel helpless or despairing, remind yourself that the fight for democracy, social justice, and a sustainable planet is noble. The stakes could not be higher. And we will — and must — win.

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Who I am

I’ve spent much of the last half century pushing for positive social change — from the inside (as Secretary of Labor, representing the U.S. before the Supreme Court, advising presidents). And from the outside (author of eighteen books and co-creator of two documentaries, chair of Common Cause, co-founder of The American Prospect, the Economic Policy Institute, and Inequality Media, and teacher of several generations of students).

Also a cartoonist (not an artist).

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Professor, writer, former Secretary of Labor, author of The System, The Common Good, Saving Capitalism, Aftershock, Supercapitalism, The Work of Nations. Co-creator of "Inequality for All" and "Saving Capitalism." Co-founder of Inequality Media
Executive Director of Inequality Media Civic Action, a digital media non-profit co-founded by Robert Reich