I think the maggats are just stupid. They don't even realize that trump and the Repugnicans are taking away their own freedoms! If the 99% could only realize that the 1% are against them, we may get somewhere. It's the people against the rich. It's the rich stupid! It's not the Democrats or Democracy.

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The State of the Union

Republicans have gotten to the point that they don’t believe they can win a free and fair election, and in their conviction that Democrats will destroy the country, they believe cheating to win is justified. They cannot condemn Trump because he delivered what they wanted: a victory.

FOX NEWS reported on March 22nd that since Trump declared that he is going to be indicted he has raised $1.5 million!

And because Republicans are willing to cheat to win, it no longer has to work on policies that appeal to voters!

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Yes, Professor Reich, I have long recognized the intense hatred these billionaires feel toward all other human beings, with women and persons of color, being a particular target of their hatred. What I don't understand is why so many Democratic Presidents, have kept their enablers as part of the executive branch. Why is Jerome Powell still chairman of the Fed? Clinton and Obama also kept evil holdovers from their republican predecessors. Why?

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Ugh! I didn't finish my comment.

No matter which party occupies the White House, the uber wealthy will always be protected. The is the very clear message sent by the latest act of socialism for the very wealthy.

Meanwhile, millions are now facing a "hunger cliff" and cutoff from Medicare , as expanded benefits are coming to an end.

America's poor choices regarding its pitiful safety net programs is a sign its priorities are poverty in the truest sense of the word.

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Superb piece from Pr. Reich. Naïve folks like myself would have thought that the world was definitely over with the era of Lords and serfdom. But we aren't. It is just stunning to see people like Peter Thiel, born and educated in a country professing that genuine freedom means equality of rights, say that democracy is somewhat a relative value.

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Robert, I think our debt bubble is going to burst if the Fed continues down the road it’s going down and I fear we are paving the way for our Hitler. I think if he wins it will be DeSantis not Trump that we have to fear. His ideologies are much scarier than Trump’s blustering.

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My way of contending with today’s newsletter is to take a deep dive into the resistance. Earlier this month, as an antidote to Reich’s portrayal of the “anti-democracy movement,” a Reich subscriber heralded HJR48 We the People Amendment as legislation that would “save us.” The subscriber rightly added, “It will shift the power balance back to We the People, and We will once again REGULATE the banks (and save our planet)!”

I noted then, and repeat here, while a stunning agenda, HJR48 We the People Amendment would require a two-thirds majority in both U.S. chambers plus ratification by three-fourths of the states, an impossible feat for the foreseeable future and probably even for the relatively distant future. Accordingly, I proposed we focus on passage of H.R.1 For the People which, in 21, passed in the House by a simple majority and could get through the Senate were there 50 Democratic Senators receptive to a modest filibuster rule change that would move the legislation to the floor for debate and an up or down majority vote. H.R.1’s provisions would ensure all eligible votes were cast, counted correctly, and certified without interference and without their being diluted through partisan gerrymandering. Its provisions also would initiate aggressive stipulations that would get dark money out of politics. Of note, the legislation would have a real shot at passing if we retake the House, seat 50 Senators receptive to a Senate rule change, and hold the Presidency.

Lastly, I would note, that were this progressive legislation to stall in the typically more moderate Senate, the alternative would be to pass the edited down Freedom to Vote Act whose provisions are nearly the same save its far less aggressive stipulations for getting money out of politics. Hardly ideal, but, as a pragmatic progressive, I say we focus on what can get done, and then continue building.

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Excellent analysis.

But what is remarkable is not that people like Theil and Elon Musk are such self-centered hypocrites.

What is remarkable is that almost half of the population of the United States would drink the Kool-Aid and vote for Trump.

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I took Thiel from Bohemian Grove to SFO and he reeked of privilege. Traffic was bad, and he couldn’t understand why his private jet couldn’t just zip up to the airport in Santa Rosa to save an hour or so of time.

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Spot on.

P.S. You’ve been accurate and prescient in this domain, for ever. I’ve read and admired your analyses for decades now, and sincerely appreciate your historically accurate erudite truth. Sadly, 72 million fellow citizens have no desire for history’s truth. God bless and help America.

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Wow! One more amazing analysis of the situation. If only the D party would start talking more about income inequality and how so much of what is in play in next elections comes down to this. Congratulations! Love your posts. Love your graphs too!

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Please mention Palantir

Please mention Parabiosys

Thiel is a human vampire, google it

Thiel runs the biggest CIA killing AI system on earth, study 'clearview', a tablet app that does face recognition and green/red light anybody on earth whether they live or die; Think Sky-Net Terminator;

Thiel ran trump-2016 and intends to manage trump-2024

Thiel is Bilderberg Group USA president the current secret group that rules the earth based in UK city-of-london;

Thiel get rich with MUSK in paypal, Musk went on to make autos&rockets, Thiel makes CIA-NSA killing machines; Pre-Crime Software tracking of humans, and AI-Facial recognition tracking for verifying KILLS on the battle-field, aka city-streets of the world

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Excellent and well researched article, Dr Reich. Thank you. I had not read that quote from Thiel before. It really says it all.

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Thanks for posting this-- most people are way too busy to notice a billionaire's many, often veiled, activities, including fundamental support of election deniers and phonies (JD Vance


And probably most readers don't know why it is so many Republicans and Libertarians call themselves "conservative" (called themselves “conservatives” because they wanted to conserve American institutions.)

As you so well point out, Thiel et al. act to destroy American institutions.

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The Peter Thiels of this country must be shown that it is in their best interest to back off from this effort and make the kind of choices that protect our Democracy not undermine it..I have been posting on a variety of forums “Desperate Times,Desperate Measures” For years..Few in positions to do something about Thiel et al are listening..most are not..I’m still waiting for the Desperate Measures...These people need to be made an offer they can’t refuse..If our Democracy is going to be protected it is looking more and more like “We The People” are going to have to craft a strategy to do just that..What that means is yet to be determined..However, I have a list of people, like Mr. Reich who have been pushing back against this effort to crush our Democracy..A point in time is coming when we will need the support of such people to make a stand against domestic extremism and shut them down..

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Mar 23·edited Mar 27

Another poignant piece of writing telling the truth about our corrupt political system, and central bank. Jerome Powell, the Fed Chairman, came from Wall Street. He was in shady Hedge Fund companies before his current job. He is worth between 20 and 55 million dollars. He made half that on one company called Rexnord. He repackaged their debt through loans and sold their debt to other shady entities at enormous profit, thus raising the debt on a good company, with good cash flow and products to the tune of billions of dollars. This lead to the company having to lay off a large percentage of its work force. The crooks on Wall Street, with their credit default swap derivative hedge funds are the main causes of inflation, rising interest rates and prices.

As for these Billionaires influencing our politics with their outrageous campaign contributions, to keep this corrupt system in place, campaign finance law has to be changed. This issue was brought up decades ago, but nothing has changed. In fact, it has only gotten worse, as more money gets funneled to the top one percent. We need a new Fed Chairman, one who is not part of the problem. Someone who is competent but will look out for the 99 percent, What we have now is the fox guarding the hen house.

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