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Neither had Lorie Smith suffered a specific injury -- or any injury at all. By the parameters you're talking about, the usual test of standing, she had no standing either. This court acts like standing ain't even a thing.

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It's long past time to expand the Supreme Court.

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Thank you. We have some sorry Supreme Court Justices. They do not care about the people they only care about what they believe in not what the law is.

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The six republican extremists on the SCOTUS are intent on remaking American society in their image by hook or crook (or both).

Extremist are zealots, like Trump's MAGA hordes, so historical facts (and in the case of the six SCOTUS extremists) established precedents mean nothing, as long as they can twist meanings to fit their immutable preconception of their ideal (dystopian) society.

Thus, the SCOTUS has become the least accountable, unconstitutional, unethical and authoritarian branch of the Federal government and we are all in peril, as a result.

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And the ruling in favor of the homophobic web designer was based on a hypothetical case--an out and out lie. It seems the only ones who will experience “specific harm” are the LBGTQ community--certainly not the fraudster who brought this case to court.

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The Supreme Court is rapidly becoming a sham. Upholding the laws of the land should be its prime function and the politicizing of this body is becoming its downfall. When the countries populace begins loosing confidence in the highest court in the land, we the people are on a slippery slope.

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The Supreme Court is behaving as if it supersedes the other branches of government and is not subject to checks and balances or any oversight. This is dangerous for democracy.

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In a similar vein, how did the case of the non-existent web design service with the non-existent harm from the non-existent customer who was not even gay ever make it to the Supreme Court, no less obtain a judgment there? Where were all the people pointing out these facts, all this time? And why did the other side not know or pursue these issues?

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I absolutely agree with you. This Court is out of control and needs to be stopped by whatever means necessary. And in the case of Lorie what’s-her-name in Colorado who didn’t want to have to design websites for gay couples planning their wedding, the Court decided in her favor, ignoring the fact that a bogus email—which didn’t even request help designing a website—was used to create standing even though it was dated the day AFTER the lawsuit was filed. Furthermore, the email’s address and identity of the man was stolen, and the man from whom it was stolen has adamantly reported this to the media.

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Impeach Kavanaugh for attempted rape. Remove Alito and Thomas for corruption.

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Is the current court returning to "Irish Need Not Apply" and restrictions on school and services for American Black People? Perhaps the republican justices should have had to study history, literature, and sociology instead of what seems to me to be a total immersion in abstract law!

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It should surprise no one that a Supreme Court that allowed to stand a Texas law that empowers otherwise disinterested citizens of the state to sue abortion providers, and anyone who assists a woman in obtaining an abortion, for a $10,000 bounty despite plaintiffs’ clear lack of standing to sue or ability to demonstrate they suffered actual harm, should now formalize a thorough dismantling of the very foundation of American civil law.

There is a remedy, however: using these SCOTUS decisions as precedent, disinterested third parties must begin suing anyone and everyone, from one end of this country to the other, not despite their lacking standing and ability to prove harm, but precisely BECAUSE they cannot prove it, until it sews so much chaos within the civil court system, so overburdening them and judges unsure as to how to proceed with even the most routine cases, that it forces a reckoning among the public and, most particularly, businesses, whose ability to function in the the face of what, under normal and sensible conditions would be considered spurious and vexatious lawsuits, will grind to a halt. It is only tangible, real-world consequences — adverse to the point of disastrous — that will force SCOTUS to, if you will, sue for peace and revisit their decision.

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Dr. Reich, thank you for clarifying who has really been packing the court by not allowing the Senate to vote on nominees appointed by Democrats. Republicans have been getting away with dirty politics for decades. They have to be defeated at the polls and exposed for their lies and bad faith in governance. As for the sham justices who seem unable or unwilling to recognize whether or not a case has standing, or what constitutes speech, Congress must act to ensure the justices are not above the law. Our current Supreme Court is the laughing stock of the world. That’s what happens when the hard work of democracy is taken for granted. We all have our duty to protect our rights and freedoms. Voters must vote in good faith for the best candidates rather than for cynical objectives that become Pyrrhic victories. The President must consider increasing the number of Supreme Court justices and agreeing to term limits as you have advocated for. The current Chief Justice has an inexplicable notion of the expansiveness of his authority and needs to answer to the Senate. He refuses and his lack of compliance and professional courtesy need to be questioned.

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Yup. Expand the court. Re expansion, Biden burbled about not wanting to "politicize" the court. Please!

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What Has Happened To America?

It’s time to get back to (Majority Rules!)

Our Supreme Court has become a discriminatorium! A band of Bigots!

Soon we will be just like Gilead if we don’t take a stand now and stop minority groups!

Food for Thought

Here is a list of rules, regulations, policies and laws that in my opinion need to be changed.

1. Statutes of limitations: why should there be a time limit on criminal activities? Too many criminals escape penalty due to the S.O.L.

2. Ridiculous sentencing: I.E. he was given 5 life sentences! We only have 1 life!! How about life without parole instead of sounding Stupid!

3. Senate Filibuster: majority rules except in our Senate and our Presidential elections!

4. Electoral College: see number 3

5. Lifetime Appointment to the Supreme Court: they should have a reasonable term limit.

6. Once a lawyer is disbarred: they should have their law license revoked in all 50 states!

7. Presidential Pardon: removal of this privilege. If you do the crime and you are found guilty you serve the time no matter who you are!

8. Flat tax with No Loopholes: everyone pays the same % of their income!

9. Equal Justice for everyone: race, gender, religion, President, etc…“all men are created equal!”

10. Outlaw weapons of war for Citizens: they belong in the military only!

11. Financial support for mental health facilities:

12. Clamp down on wasteful spending: starting with the military.

13. Expand the SCOTUS before they repeal all of our rights.

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This Supreme Court is corrupt and unethical because there are no consequences. Just like those in Congress who aided and abetted the attempted overthrow of our government. Unless they are held accountable, removed, indicted and imprisoned, we can expect more of this destruction of our Democracy.

Chief Justice Roberts is now whining the court is not being respected by we, the People. That’s both rich and pathetic. He and his wife are just as corrupt as the other members.

The only way forward to change this, is to vote for Democrats to achieve a majority in both House and Senate, and then begin impeachments.

I remember as a child being taught the Supreme Court were the best legal minds in the country, who protected our rights and the Constitution. Sadly it is now a corrupt sham.

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