The SCOTUS has ruled against affirmative action!

Well folks here is another Reason why we all need to stop the bleeding.

I ask:

1. What are the Republicans in Congress doing to help the American people?

2. What are the Republicans in Congress doing to help the country?

3. What is the Republican Leadership doing to reverse the divisions in our country?

4. What has Putin promised Trump to try and destroy our democracy?

5. What is going on with our Supreme Court who are supposedly the best of the best?

* Are there any honest people left in this world?

Think about our children. What kind of future do they have? We need some real honest leadership in this country to get us back on track and to stay competitive with the rest of the world!

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Yeah, somebody's daddy can buy his fat ass an admission into Wharton. And then he can appoint Justices to keep it that way.

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Re your disadvantaged,US , low income families, child care policies... I am a fortunate Canadian citizen, living “next door” to you.

In Canada, we enjoy $10.00 a day, nursery school programs,in most provinces.

Lucky Canadians!!!!!

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Having read Roberts' majority opinion, it seems increasingly obvious, that the current bench is comprised of a single-minded activist cohort, one not wed to the honorable interpretation of law, or as Roberts said during his Senate confirmation: 'calling balls & strikes', but rather, about re-shaping the American landscape & undoing years of painfully gained progress. While the Republic has eixisted for two-plus centuries, democracy has not. Term limits must surely be a way to ensure activist justices are limited in their ability to damage?

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Here is an interesting article from this morning's Chronicle of Higher Education: https://www.chronicle.com/article/what-comes-after-affirmative-action?cid=gen_sign_in The author, Rafael Walker, a black man who found himself at a highly competitive University, now teaching at CUNY, makes an argument for alternative ways of promoting fairness in this new landscape: assess applicants on "resourcefulness." How much did they achieve with the resources they had during their prior schooling.

I would also add that just because the ruling has struck down race-based admissions doesn't mean it can strike down "diversity" and "equality of opportunity" as civic goods. In the years since affirmative action first came on the scene, the goals of diversity (which apparently the plaintiffs did not argue against) as well as social justice (which I presume is their problem -- a blinkered idea of fairness) -- have become baked into the DNA of higher ed. I do not believe it is possible to undo that with this case. There will be away around it. P.S. I work in higher ed.

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Well, besides my "stock" answer that white women were always the biggest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action anyway, what else is new? No shade to the white folks reading this comment... we have the highest court in the land with NO ethics to guide them, 2 of these folks on the bench (that we know of), that are in the pockets of Uber wealthy benefactors, I mean like *Yawn*... just more of the same. NEXT!

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This may not be a popular thing to say, and I assure you I'm not attempting to troll >anyone< here, but might I remind everyone:

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." (Martin Luther King)

Consider this article from a scant 11 years ago: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/mlks-content-of-character-quote-inspires-debate/

Now, I know that affirmative action measures were taken to in some way mitigate centuries of abuse short of providing "Forty acres and a mule:" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forty_acres_and_a_mule

On the other hand, publicly stated SCOTUS reasoning also >seems< more consistent with MLK's dream.

You see, I'm a bit confounded. Indeed, I'm of two minds in all this, even if SCOTUS exercised clever public reasoning, where the MLK ideal was put forth as a fig leaf for the >real< objective - and I have no doubt it was somewhere in the mix - of preserving and bolstering plutocratic hegemony.

On the other hand, it seems to remove the common racist trope for personal failure saying such failure was due to skin color. I know that bloody history instructs >me< that if we go down that path, I'll eventually not be white enough - for example! (That's why some of the folks buying into white bigotry perplex me beyond measure - both here and abroad.)

So my conclusion on the SCOTUS ruling is neutral. Do not interpret that to mean I'm in any way comfortable with it. Like I've advocated for Jack Smith's effort in bringing justice to bear down on ol' Tweety, we must be patient, even if we disagree with the SCOTUS political orientation. It may - conservative or otherwise - turn out to be a good ruling. Only time will tell. The SCOTUS has >always< been full of surprises!

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Want to know what racism is? It’s when you finally recognize inequality. You pass the 14th Amendment in the mid 1809’s. Then you sit on your ass for another 100 years and pass the Civil Rights Act. Then you sit on your ass for another 50 years and then claim it magically fixed itself. Neither the Amendment or the Civil Rights act even scratched the surface to achieve equity. We should be ashamed as a Nation for not tending to our nations ‘garden’. And, contrary to recent comments by Republican presidential hopefuls, other democratic countries are not praising us for gutting Affirmative Action, but dictatorships are (and that’s who Republicans align their values with).

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Money can buy access to everything and mostly tax deductible for your donations to schools and public television etc.

Hell the Supreme Court is buyable commodity and donations are tax deductible.


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Kerry has it right. And there is the son-in-law, whose father bought him into Harvard. Birth right and the right set of jeans (oops, I mean genes) should not be a qualification. And once they get there, the institution will do all that it can to keep them enrolled, not matter how poorly they perform because they want to keep the money flowing. Compare that to those who attend without the benefit of their jeans, took out loans and had work-study jobs to pay for it. My jeans did not help me.

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I Am Used To Being Smarter

Than Everyone Else.

But I Never HAD To Be.

Now That We Have To Be:


I've Owned Pets Smarter Than Most Of These "People" .

Including Some Of The Smartest

Idiots We Could Have Ever Met.


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The only difference between Biden and Trump are words. They both sold us out. Expand the Supreme Court then get back to me. I'm not concerned about confusion in politics in the future. I guess in Biden’s mind confusion is worse than fascism. Frankly I think he’s a billionaire Republican in democratic clothes.

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The hypocrisy of the conservatives on the Supreme Court ending affirmative action while maintaining "legacy applicants" is yet another example of the systemic racism that keeps the rich majority getting richer and the poor minority getting poorer. "Legacy" applicants are enjoying the privilege of their parents having been wealthy enough to enroll in Harvard. As such, the "same old same old" (what Conservatism is, basically) perpetuates. This SCOTUS is by no means a neutral, clear-headed body dispassionately interpreting our Constitution: they are a bigoted and biased body of right - wing elites who abuse their positions to maintain a backward view of America that runs counter to the actual spirit of our Constitution.

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Keep 'em DUMB.

That's the policy and outcome of the republiCONservative agenda, since Bonzo von Reagan was installed in D.C., ascending the throne back in 1980 to began his assault on "free" [taxpayer funded] public education in all of its forms. His other great accomplisnment; PATCO. Break all Unions!

Their motto: "E PluriBUST UNION."

The SCOTUS is BOGUS in its current form! Expand or disband the court.

Democracy will NOT survive otherwise!

Robert's legacy is merde.

United We Stand....Divided....DeSantistan.

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American whites do not want to attend schools with Black Americans whom they regard as their social and intellectual inferiors. Asians and Hispanics, racial groups seeking acceptance as honorary whites within in American racial caste system, share the same sentiment. Like most American whites in the 1970s, then Senator Joe Biden openly opposed federal desegregation mandates, such as bussing, because he did not want his sons anywhere near Black Americans. During his tenure in the Senate, Biden expressed contempt for the Equal Equal Opportunity Commission and its enforcement of federal affirmative action programs. Since Biden shares the common cultural ideology among the majority of American whites that Black Americans have no place in American society, it's no coincidence SCOTUS rolled back affirmative action in tertiary education.

Thankfully Black Americans created Historically Black Colleges and Universities which will enjoy increased enrollment as a direct result of this Supreme Court decision.

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