Trump is Putin's puppet. Prior to the 2016 election Trump was desperately looking for $500 million. No banks would loan it to him. However, he cut a deal with Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is controlled by the Russian oligarchs. Putin is the no. 1 Russian oligarch. So does Trump owe his allegiance to America or Putin? Who do you think?

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Sep 13, 2023·edited Sep 14, 2023

Hillary Clinton called tfg out in an early debate, long before the masses could see who he is. ; Putin's puppet. "Only a Pawn in the Game!" (Bob Dylan).

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Apparently, Kim is taking rhetoric lessons from the Republican Party, i.e., projecting one’s own crimes onto your enemy. Calling his alliance with Putin a battle against imperialism, are we to think Ukraine attacked Russia to expand its empire? This is the same crap as calling the Bidens a crime family, ingenuously ignoring Ivanka, Jared, the Trump company, and of course Don the don.

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Donald Trump incited an insurrection against the official government of the United States of America; he now endorses Putin over the policies of the official government of the United States of America. He is a traitor -call him out for what he is. Democrats need to show some damn backbone.

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I’m worried. The power is in the hands of fools. (Tromp and friends)How does this happen what is wrong with our fellow citizens? I don’t understand what they are believing.

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Putin thinks he's Trump'defacto s campaign manager. Liz Cheney: “Putin has now officially endorsed the Putin-wing of the Republican Party.” Won 2016 for him. See Mueller Report. Putin more recently is charged with war crimes.

In my discussion group yesterday, we dicussed BRIC. Brazil, Russia, India, and China under the belief that these economies would dominate global growth by 2050. The BRICS nations offered a source of foreign expansion for firms and strong returns fShe voted for Trumpor institutional investors.

Next year, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Argentina, the UAE and Ethiopia will join the current five members Other countries like North Korea, Vietnam may be involved. One common denominator looks like they have greater inflation and less growth that the US and want to replace the dollar as the world's currency. Another seems to he envy and hatred of the US.

Meanwhile our "allies" like Saudi Arabia have been undermining our economy since 1971. OPEC/Saudi/Russia has reduced energ y production, IMHO to support Trump's candidacy. They own our largest oil refinery, control companies like Exxon.

Candidates like Cornel West and RFK Jr parrot the Putin line. Althou our Florida Batistanos are Trumpers, Cuba is sending troops to support Russia. Some Republicans like MTG stsand with Putin.

Biden has saved us from Fasciscm -- so far. The media has not been able to identify those who stand with Putin and those who stand for freedom -- here and in the Ukraine. Most probably a war criminal, Putin is allegedly responsible for the war crime of unlawful deportation of population (children) and that of unlawful transfer of population (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation (under articles 8(2)(a). .https://www.icc-cpi.int/news/situation-ukraine-icc-judges-issue-arrest-warrants-against-vladimir-vladimirovich-putin-and#:~:text=Mr%20Vladimir%20Vladimirovich%20Putin%2C%20born,articles%208(2)(a

We have two choices: demoocracy and Fascism.

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Thanks for your great work, although all the news you so brilliantly highlight is so terrible. One thing I wish in all the talk about banning books and harassing libraries is where the funding and organization is coming for this. I also think what the Republican's real agenda is could still receive more attention! I also wish there was more emphasis on what individuals can do to help the economy. Should we spend more, save more, and on what kinds of things? Often when there is a crisis there has been a coherent message. Perhaps there is no way we, the public, can affect things, but might be worth a try.

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trump and those like him need to be voted out of having any possibility of influence or power.

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Liars and cowards all.

Destroying things is easy they built nothing.

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I’d add Xi in there, making it a quartet.

It’s still hard to believe that the Republican Party has come to this. But it has.

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Robert. The really sad thing is he is proud to be grouped with these killers. And the maga proud will cheer him on.

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Oh my goodness. Is this not comparable to people still loving Hitler even though he's just invaded Poland.This pretty scary when you think about it. The Russian army divided up Poland with Nazi Germany,so beware of Russia and their alliance with Trump.

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You can very well make the arument that Putin Kim and trump are the new axis of evil. It is important to understand the following just because you have power and influence doesn't mean you have intelligence or wisdom. After Bill Clinton violated the United States agreement with Russia that if Germany was allowed to be a pro-western nation that Nato would not move 1inch eastward. the United states blatantly broke its promise as far east as they possibly could. Putin could have made a great case to the UN that the USA violated the agreement that they made on Nato. Instead he invaded Ukraine a violation of the UN carter much like the United States invading Iraq. Kim is a crazed Dictator who is trying to make himself relevant and would like there to be one Korea with him running it. Trump of course is a self promoting con-man who has had the Corporate Media act as his publicity agent for over 40 years. Trump is the most evil because he is being given credibility and stature and the corporate Media is promoting him as someone who again should be President

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The Three Stooges for oligarchs of the world!

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Thee most disrespectful American ever!

Trump has no respect for anyone or anything except money.

Our Constitution- he wants to have his own and do away with our democracy. He’s envious of Putin, Xi, Kim Jong Un and other dictators who have full control of their countries.

He loves their military parades!

The IRS- he has been cooking the books his whole adult life

He has publicly stated during the debate with Hillary Clinton when she confronted him on not paying federal taxes, “That makes me smart “. If the majority of Americans followed suit we wouldn’t have a country! The Rich have been getting away with not paying their fair share for decades! Paying taxes is what keeps America going. It pays for the Government, the military, social security, Medicare, infrastructure, education, etc…

Military- he was able to get a deferment for bone spurs because his father was rich. He has called our soldiers suckers and losers. He publicly defamed John McCain.

Women- he has absolutely no respect for women. “Grab them by the pussy. When you’re a star they let you do it. “

That’s a crock. No self respecting woman would let him anywhere near them! He consistently calls women disrespectful names, crooked Hillary, nasty Nancy, Coco Chow, Crazy Liz Cheney, peekaboo James, wacky Omarosa

Pocahontas, etc…..

The physically handicapped- He mocked the reporter, Serge Kovaleski, who has arthrogryposis, a congenital condition affecting the joints.

Republicans- who have come to their senses and realize that Trump is an existential threat to our country and our democracy. His disrespectful name for them, RINOs.

Anyone who opposes him- family, possibly friends, not sure if he has any, former employees of his firm, former members of his administration, etc…

Everyone has focused on Joe Biden and Donald Trump for the upcoming election. What every American should focus on is which Administration will do more for the average American. President Biden, like a baseball manager, is only as good as the players he has to manage. The big difference is that Presidents pick their players. Support the Biden administration because they are passing legislation that helps Average Americans.

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This is such stupid analysis. Will elites in the US and the West ever get past looking "axes of evil", "New Hitlers", "FDR vis a vis Churchill and Stalin" behind every door?? It's not 1939 anymore. Chamberlain is dead. There is no Nazi Germany. There is no USSR. We live in a completely different world with different actors and different motives. Can someone like Mr. Reich please grow the hell up and bring their thinking to 2023?

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