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Thanks for writing this.

To All on this blog: Please consider pitching in to help candidates in the midterm elections by writing postcards to registered voters in key districts. In the age of COVID, sending postcards to registered voters is the functional equivalent of door-to-door precinct work. It’s a lot easier—I like to do this while watching the news. You just hand-write a prepared short message on a postcard, address it, and post. Right now, I'm writing in support of re-electing Senator Cortez Masto in Arizona. There are many such opportunities throughout the country.

Here is contact information for people and groups organizing postcard efforts in upcoming elections:

Mary Boergers mary.boergers@yahoo.com is willing to be contacted; she and others are focused currently in the Milwaukee, WI, area. She may be able to put you in touch with people working in other places, if that is your preference.

Billy McDonald billymcdonaldnp@gmail.com can provide email lists of registered voters and postcard text and instructions, and is willing to be contacted. The lists I’ve gotten from him have involved campaigns in California and Arizona. He will have others.

Postcardstovoters.com is a site originated by Tony the Democrat. He began a postcard campaign in Jon Ossoff’s first campaign for special election in June of 2017. Anyone can now go to the site and follow the steps. Tony usually runs a few postcard campaigns at a time and each campaign is vetted. Most are down-ballot races. Folks could check that out for postcard writing to other states.

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jeebuz. GQP is like whack-a-mole. or worse, like an infestation of cockroaches. it just never ever ends.

but tell me, robert, i know biden is a busy man (and that he's currently ill with COVID) but why has he never raised the likelihood of increasing the numbers of justices on the supreme court? or term limits? or rotating justices? why does the supreme court have NO ETHICS STANDARDS? why does the supreme court have no MINIMUM PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS that the appointed lawyers must meet?

and why has biden never openly discussed the effects of gerrymandering?

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Again you want to protect 'US democracy'. But what democracy there is is underpinned by undemocratic foundations. Elections and voting are a glamourous front to a system that is weighted heavily in favour of the rich and powerful and conservative.

I think the USA needs a huge movement to help every American understand the democratic deficits that exist and to encourage and promote democratic change.

The present issues arise I think from a general lack of understanding of what democracy should look like.

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I am afraid there are only two choices.... either grow Supreme Court to 13 or dismiss the three judges that Trump appointed (he was already in the impeachment process and should have never appointed anyone) as there is nothing constitutional state about these 'justices'. We can not permit this atrocity and embarrassment of the US continue.

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I still haven’t figured out why the justices who lied under oath about RoeVWade being settled precedent can’t be held accountable.

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Thank you Professor Reich, for the reminder that voting is critical. And Not voting for repubs is also critical. “Obviously, these reforms can happen only if Democrats retain control of the House in the midterm elections and add at least two more Democratic senators — willing to reform or abolish the filibuster.” Paying attention and understanding our Democracy and the power of the courts, the need to expand the court, all critical. More than ever.

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Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin literally created legislation which would give any governor the right to overturn their state’s U.S. Presidential election results and install the Governor’s choice as the winner instead. What could possibly go wrong?

Sen. Manchin wants to give Republican governors the unprecedented and unconstitutional authority to overturn federal election results and install the federal candidate of the Governor’s choice.

Manchin should be arrested for even presenting such an unconstitutional, subversive anti-democratic bill.

It is impossible to overstate just what kind of dangerous slimebucket Joe Manchin really is. What we need to do is ELIMINATE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE ALTOGETHER, but the Republican Party NEEDS the Electoral College because without it, Republicans could never steal or win a U.S. Presidential election again, because Republicans are the permanent minority party in America – always losing the popular vote.

I cannot believe anyone has taken this Electoral College bill co-written/sponsored by Joe Manchin seriously, but here it is.

Manchin is trying to sell this bill as enacting preventative meaures to stop a Vice-President from stealing a U.S. Presidential election, BUT THE TRUTH IS, Manchin’s bill would give a red state governor unprecedented power to completely DISREGARD state election results for President and authorize the Governor to select the winner of the U.S. Presidential election in their state.

If you haven’t noticed this is not the only bill that REMOVES AND REPLACES the will of the voter with the legislature or governor’s choice for President.

Republicans have written dozens of crooked, undemocratic election law bills like this; but this time it is a DEMOCRAT who wrote a bill to give red state governors the power to disregard the will of the voters in their state and allow red state governors and GOP legislatures to select the winner of the U.S. Presidential election in their state.


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While I agree with most of your comments, I fear that with the current political atmosphere nothing positive will occur. It is sad. I don't think that the Founding Fathers could envisage the technical, demographic, moral and scientific changes that have occurred since the founding of the nation. It is easy for me to look back and say what should have been done, but the biggest flaw in my mind was to give each state two senators regardless of their population. I know that compromise was necessary to get the ratification of the less populated states but how could have it been foreseen that a state such as Wyoming would have the same weight as California in the Senate. There are several other issues that I would comment on but I leave that for another day

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Again , it is important to look at our representation from the bottom up. Starting with our local communities, then statehouses and on up to our Federal representatives. So many people see this sort of 'stick figure' of the presidential election and the two candidates, seemingly unaware of the importance of where they came from or what they have for an agenda ; who they really work for.

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Thank you, thank you. If This UnSupreme Court rules on this it will be the end of the American Experimemt. I can almost hear the jackboots coming. I hope we're not too late to prevent this disruption to our Constitutional Representative Democracy

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Great ideas on how to stem the tide! I love it!

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Some time ago, I read about this possibility and have since had it at the top of my "red" worry list but haven't heard the Democrats say a word about it. To think that a solution depends on the 2022 election is extremely distressing. It seems the subject should be getting maximum publicity, especially in the direction of non-voting potential voters and independents, yet this is only the second time I've seen it discussed. What I haven't seen mentioned is an alternative plan for what blue states will do if the bad guys succeed. I'm hoping someone can come up with some answer short of secession and/or wealthier states withholding tax dollars from poor/red states and/or Civil War. Not only voters but especially SCOTUS need to know that there is/are reason(s) why they wouldn't like the outcome if they do take that route. Opting to keep head buried in sand doesn't seem the way for Biden/Democrats to go. Or is there no effective worst-case strategy? And can SCOTUS hear the case prior to the 2022 elections?

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All true. We are in peril as a nation. And citizens contemplating violence are growing, particularly among the Republican Party and Independents. The Trumpists and the Supremes together are formidable. Biden could help by declaring prior to the midterms that he will not run again. Trump or DeSantis elected would rend the fabric of our country.

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Ironically, it was the Republican party that decried the "activist" Supreme Court when it was predominantly a liberal body.

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Professor thank you for writing this.

I also have be trying to write something on this case. Either for my book or for the redpill newsletter.

It represents. perhaps more than any other case, how close the USA is to losing the rule of law as I was taught in law school over 40 years ago.

Little coverage of this.

nothing will be heard for months,

sometime, after Oct SCOTUS will hear the case

and sometime before July 2023 they will issue an opinion.

I think can predict, what three justices will say

I think I can predict what 4 Justices will write.

That leaves 2 justices

the question is who writes the majority opinion.

While these questions are important, to the USA, I am not sure that my wrting about it will make much difference. I am not even sure that your writing about it will make much difference.

fighting my deep sense of hopelessness and helplessness.

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This theory is evident happening now here in Ohio. The Ohio Supreme Court rejected 6 gerrymandered maps but it didn’t matter to a Trump appointed Federal judge. I’m writing postcards

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