As Americans we have lost our way. How you become rich is no longer relevant! Case in point, one of the most devious people ever in history became the 45th president of the United States! Twice impeached, 4 times indicted and he is more popular than ever. Hopefully it’s not the majority but many Americans are believing in him and his lies! What’s truly sad is that all these people have to do is fact check his history.

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“Let’s be clear about what the former president is saying here. House Republicans should shut down the government unless the prosecutions against him are shut down. He would deny paychecks to millions of working families & devastate the US economy, all in the service of himself.” “

~ Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA)

Gaetz is demanding the Republicans in the House follow Trumps orders! Can’t these few DANGEROUS people be removed from office for obeying the COMMANDS of ONE person (Trump) instead of their VOW to protect our country & the American people?

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Let’s start by first smacking with a rolled-up newspaper anyone in the head who misapplies the word “hero.”

However much you may how much they do their jobs, athletes are not heroes, actors are not heroes. Your favorite musician is not your hero. Add to that that many of them are very well paid for doing whatever it is they do.

Firefighters, who every day run into burning buildings — buildings that are actively trying to kill them — to save lives and even just property, are heroes. For what they do they’re underpaid (and the majority of America’s firefighters outside big cities are volunteers who are paid nothing to serve their communities).

The late Rep. John Lewis was a hero.

Soldiers and sailors in combat are frequently heroes.

Lenny Skutnik, a retired employee of the Congressional Budget Office, who, in January, 1982, dove into the ice-choked Potomac to save a drowning passenger of Air Florida Flt. 90, which had just crashed into the 14th Street Bridge, was a hero.

Heroism is not glamorous and it may prove fatal because it must be, by definition, a product of sacrifice, or the sincere willingness to sacrifice. Until everyone can get that simple concept straight, the wrong people will keep being honored.

And, yet, it’s encouraging that, a number of years ago in a poll conducted by the American Film Institute (of whose Conservatory I am a graduate — full disclosure) of the greatest movie heroes, it wasn’t Batman, or Luke Skywalker or Indiana Jones who topped the list, but “To Kill a Mockingbird”s Atticus Finch. Yes, Atticus is the fictional creation of Harper Lee (a real hero for writing a novel that she knew so many of her fellow white Alabamians would loathe, along with her), but real Atticus Finches DO live among us, and make their presence felt in innumerable ways, large and small.

Atticus demonstrates that a hero needs to have one more thing to earn that word: a simple, decent conscience.

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Jesus taught the importance of the "common good". "I was hungry and you fed me. I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you invited me into your home. I was naked and you gave me clothing. I was sick and you cared for me. I was in prison and you visited me."

"When you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me."

Matthew 25:35-40

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I live in a small town originally founded on coal mining. After much searching, I finally found a monument to some coal miners who died in a mine cave-in--it is in a remote corner of a large city park--but I can't turn around without seeing a monument or park or building named for one of the mine owners who became wealthy on the backs and lives of the miners.

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I wholly agree! And among the first recognized should be Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. We should also recognize the cruelties America has imposed on the nations and peoples of the world like Iran (1953), Chile (1972), Vietnam (decades), Iraq (2003) and Afghanistan (2002). We should also recognize the criminals who have killed millions of innocent people, Like George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Ronald Raegan, and so many more. That is what we need to recognize if we are to cleanse our nation soul.

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America’s ability to manage the common good is hampered by our original sin and the legacy of our original sin continues to kill Americans today. Consider honor and shame in the context of American slavery. We, as a nation still have not come to grips with our history and embrace of human slavery. We still “honor” those who owned slaves, looked the other way when those who could have stood up for the common good but neglected to do so, and even today can’t come up with a way to make reparations. Which leads to the Second Amendment which was inserted into the Constitution to allow slave owners to control their slaves. This connection to original sin continues to haunt American society today through the mass shootings that happen daily. Honor nor shame can’t be used to uphold the common good when we haven’t taken full accountability and responsibility for human slavery which was the foundation of this country’s formation. If we can sweep human slavery under the rug, then how, as a nation, can we possibly hold people accountable to support the common good today as every other violation of the common good pales in the context of human slavery.

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Thank you for your voice, your clarity, your hard earned wisdom. This is one of the more powerful and inspiring pieces in a sea of important work that you continuously share with us.

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Rick Scott is one nefarious former CEO whom I would like to see shamed out of office.

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One simple fix would be to jail every director and officer of a corporation convicted of a crime. No more paying a fine using shareholder money! Perpwalk the leaders and force them to sit in court for the whole trial.

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I will ALWAYS be confounded by Michael Milken. This crook PROVED crime DOES pay! He spent a measly TWO years in jail, and was fined $600million, after he illegally made $800million. Why aren't people required to forfeit ALL their ill-gotten gains? THIS is a huge issue for me.

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Thank you, Robert. But...

Until gross money is taken out of politics, it will buy shame and honour and a new yacht. Citizens United is the poison. Money-corrupted SCOTUS is the source.

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I recently read Robert’s book The Common Good. An eye opener and highly recommended for anyone seeking a reality check.

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Awesome. This is a discussion that should appeal to every, regardless of party, citizen concerned about the direction of the nation.

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Yesterday my post suggested we take the take of ridiculing the Great Trumpeter wherever possible loudly, ceaselessly and creatively. To that end I included my latest shitty ditty.

Here it is again in case you missed the guffaw from it.

Mr Mendacity is not a known

For his veracity.

From his mouth spew sewagy Lies,

He laps them up like mom's apple pies.

His mouth runs like a motor,

So fast and full of odor.

What he says is law because he says it.

He can't help himself so let's confess it.

If one could put a sock in it

I'd put money down for stock in it.

Will that never happen?

Please someone say you'll batten

Down that blathering hatch

And find a way

To lock the latch to stop

That jamering jay.

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The last 43 years have been sadly very heart breaking to me. I had a thorough civics and USA and world history taught to me (NMMI-honor code!, UT-Austin). Thanks very much for voicing this all too obvious concern for civics, ethics, morality, virtue and FACTS. Sadly drumpf has subverted the honor code he was taught in high school military school to very cynical selfish criminally insane ends.

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