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As a retired broadcasting professional and expat American living in Denmark since 1991, I'm embarrassed how crass and commercially minded America's three private broadcasting companies are. The bottom line is always the big bucks. Public service broadcasters such as the BBC or Denmark's DR seldom pander for profits. Shame on you, NBC!

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How can we effectively get the message across to major media that we don't want to see trump, and that they are flirting with destroying the country by pandering to the republicans again and again? Negativity unfortunately sells more than good news does, like watching a car crash and thinking about it rather than enjoying having a smooth ride.

The same thing with good news about Biden's administration and positive successes he and other Democrats have had. This is why I make a point of clicking on good news articles to show major media that yes we care and we will support positivity.

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I think Narcissistic Personality Disorder Trump sounded like he is mentally ill. Speaking in word salad incapable of generating actual sentences. He also admitted that the big lie was his idea so this helps Jack Smith’s case against this fruitcake. Trump is not only a clear and present danger to the United States and our democracy, but he is mentally ill for crying out loud.

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The news media should not interview him. He is a traitor who embraces our enemies and is guilty of an attempted overthrow of the government. He should not receive any airtime in person, only reporting on what he is up to.

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Simple. Trump sells. This is not a moral decision on the part of the network. Corporations have no morals, they only have regulations. Individuals might take an ethical and moral stand, but corporations aren't people (legally perhaps, but that was another failure of politicians and judges), they are entities dedicated to the benefit of their shareholders and recognize no other stakeholders, not even their viewers. The little orange one is entirely a creation of the media. He knows how to get attention. The type of attention does not matter. If he gets attention, he wins. Unfortunately, that gets ratings and the great orange blob gets on TV. Make their ratings go down, don't watch.

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Between the previous CNN “ Town brawl” , the nauseating staged production of Trump’s triumphant motorcade to Fulton County, and now this sickening debacle, I am totally turned off by the media’s celebration of this pathological narcissistic.

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Welker could redeem herself by doing next week's show as a question by question analysis of last week's show...with REALLY hard hitting analysis, from herself and her staff and with passes made by all the smartest people in politics and media. That analysis should also rip herself and her own show and the entire media a new one.

What a perfect venue that would be to decry the opening of the Impeachment "investigation" beginning in the House next week. NO media outlet ought to cover that nonsense, and Fox News should be warned that they will be subject to all manner of legal review and retaliation if they don't do everything to counter the propaganda.

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I thought she was better than this. This wasn’t about trusted journalism. It was about advancing her fame and garnering attention.

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My feeling is that everyone who can ridicule the Great Trumpeter mercilessly, repeatedly and loudly.

To that end I repeat my shitty ditty:

If you look carefully you will see

That our own ex Pres Mr T

Is a narcissistic sociopathic fascist

Who favors Hitler that dictator and racist.

Which characteristic do you favor

Voting for as your next president and savior?

Just asking while you're multitasking

In blissful oblivion of our fate that's pending.

BTW what do you get by cross a potato with a penis?

A dictator

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TFG gave his usual lies with his narcissistic bombast! His dislike and disrespect for women showed through out this media farce. In respect to Welker she got Mr. Know-It-All to help J. Smith with his instance that he made the J 6 decision all by himself. Hang baby!

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I never understood, until now, how our MSM fails us. They do this over and over for money. They are literally complicit in continuing this Trump nightmare.

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I strictly stay away from any broadcast news.I would wreck my TV with whatever object I could find in my reach to hurl at it.

Reading about it is quite enough,at least I can delete what I don't care about or else know more already than I wish I did.

Too bad the rest of the world won't shut off the broadcast news,maybe tfg would finally just go the hell away.Ignoring him would just tear his shriveled heart out.Besides,it ain't like he says anything that's actually worthwhile to listen to.

Tho I'm glad you always tell us the truth about tfg,and for sure more people need to hear it.

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Mr. Mendacity is not known

For his veracity

From his mouth spew sewagy Lies

He laps them up like mom's apple pies.

His mouth is like a motor

So fast and full of odor.

What he says is law because he says it.

He can't help himself, so let's confess it.

If one could put a sock in it,

I'd put money down for stock in it.

Will that never happen?

Please someone say you'll batten

Down that blathering hatch and find a way

To lock the latch to stop that jamering jay.

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I agree he’s just an open spigot of lies, but whether she intended to or not, she got him to admit that claiming the election was fraudulent was all his idea, and he wasn’t following someone else’s advice.

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In the future, any interviewer needs to stop him at his first lie and continue correcting it with facts over and over again. Don’t let him avalanche you with more and more lies, just keep him debating the first one at nauseam.

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The media ONLY cares about making money. Public responsibility is a secondary responsibility.

Of course, only a handful of individuals own or control most of the media outlets.

That is a story for another day.

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