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it must be absolutely maddening for the democrats to be blamed for being a "do nothing party" when they are the victims of the real "do nothing party". i think both manchin (AND sinema) should be booted from the democratic party -- a long time ago, in fact. and every time i see how filthy rich manchin is and continues to become by selling the future of this planet to line his pockets, i become almost apoplectic with rage.

the worst thing is that manchin is shamelessly preying on his own constituents, the poorest of poor amerikkkans, as he works on enlarging his financial portfolio. it's almost like west virginia is a modern-day giant plantation (except it's all about coal) and manchin is the slave owner who cynically lords his privilege over the entire lot of them. If manchin's little "experiment in destruction" continues, this country will, by default, adopt the climate change policies that killed Sri Lanka, and are crushing Dutch farmers.

would anyone like some soylent green for thanksgiving?


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It is PAST time to boot this fraud to the curb!

Republicans love to talk about RINO’s, but here is a prime example of a representative that campaigned himself as one thing, but his every word and action show the world he is something else.

If I was a more cynical person I would assume Republicans had a part in running Manchin and Sinema as Democrats, when their every vote is Republican.

You said it: the Democrats can’t have it any worse right now with Manchin’s loss. All I hear is “Biden said he’d do this” or “Biden promised this would be done.”

And to be sure, there are things he’s done that have nothing to do with Congress that I don’t like, but as far as the items you ticked off, the things that are detrimental or just really pissing off Americans to the point of losing their vote, his hands are virtually tied.

Why? Because we don’t have a bigger majority and McConnell uses the stupid filibuster every time there’s something worthwhile for America or Americans.

I swear, I will never understand how one man has so much control over the ENTIRE country. McConnell is bad enough; he’s horrible, in fact. But Manchin should hang his head in shame. It’s not enough he’s never going to do the right thing, but to pretend like he’s going to, wasting everyone’s time and energy, is stupid and infantile.

I’m sick of hearing Manchin, almost as sick of hearing Sinema, and if I never hear the names McConnell or Trump EVER again, it will be too soon.

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But they say: "we won't be able to confirm any more judges".

At minimum, Manchin should be removed from the chairmanship of the Energy Committee. If he then leaves the Democratic Party for the GOP, then let him.

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It’s unbelievable that your democratic system allows Minchin and Sinema to behave as they do. Of course they should be kicked out. Of course they should not be allowed to accept these massive bribes from Big Business to vote in the latter’s favour - that’s called bribery and corruption elsewhere in the world. It’s the ‘people’ that voted them into their positions of power and the People who should benefit from, and dictate, their voting decisions.

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Now is not the time to obsess about Manchin. What's important is getting Biden a Senate with more then 50 Democrats. That's our job, as voters.

If Manchin were to leave the Democratic Party and become a Republican, we'd have Mitch McConnell as Senate MAJORITY leader. Ugh. Shooting ourselves in the foot.

We need to keep our eyes on the ball, and put all our efforts into electing more Democratic Senators and members of Congress in the upcoming midterms.

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I can't believe Manchin still leads the Energy committee. I do agree that the Democrats need to kick Manchin out of the party. It IS true that they've lost control of the Senate anyway. It is completely frustrating not only about Manchin but also that legislators participating in 1/6 are still in Congress. There seems to be absolutely no consequences anymore to breaking laws

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I couldn’t agree more, Manchin needs to go, Trump likes to use the term RINO for Republicans who go against him. Well Manchin is most certainly the DINO of the Democratic Party.

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When will Biden realize that Lucy Manchin will ALWAYS move the football?

He'd be better off courting one of the few remaining Republicans with a spine and a sense of decency who cares about the well-being of the country: perhaps Romney or Cheney or Kinzinger. He wouldn't get everything he wants, but he'd get SOMETHING. Cheney and Kinzinger would lose nothing by bucking Moscow Mitch; they've already done so and the GQP is baying for their blood, anyway, so why not do something for their constituents while they still can?

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Though Manchin (and Sinema) disgust me, they both, contrary to Republicans, supported the Democrat’s $1.9 trillion Coronavirus Relief package. Moreover, while both bear responsibility for virtually upending Biden’s social and climate legislative agenda, let alone blocking the passage of federal voter protection safeguards, if Democrats can pass the admittedly narrow, but important, provisions to lower prescription drug prices and to extend enhanced ACA subsidiaries through 2025, they should. In turn, I would advise Democrats, while educating everyday people nationwide about what they’re losing every time Biden’s agenda is stalled, also to portray whichever provisions pass as a downpayment of substantially more to come if they can hold the House and pick up at least 2 Senate seats.

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I give a cluck! Kick him out of the party! No use in retaining no control. How about Kristin S. I can never remember how to spell her unimportant name. Maybe kicking these turncoats out of the party will at least send a message. I agree Bob. Damn, I try to disagree but you are so right on that it would be hypocritical.

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Capitalism at its finest!

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If the "FREEDOM TO VOTE ACT " is not already in place early enough before the MIDTERM ELECTIONS this November, then Republicans will win TOTAL CONTROL OF CONGRESS.

IF THAT HAPPENS, Republicans will REVERSE everything that President Biden has accomplished including the "BUILD BACK BETTER ACT" (Should it become law before then)

And Republicans will STOP the investigation into the Jan 6, insurrection claiming that the attack on the capital was completely legal.

Then Trump or someone just like him will be back in the white house in 2024.


I am demanding that all Americans with websites and media platforms who believe in DEMOCRACY and the RULE OF LAW must immediately urge Americans to PEACEFULLY take to the streets in protest to protect our voting rights and to REVERSE Republican anti voting laws before it is too late to do anything about it.

And because our voting rights are being stolen by Republicans who are viciously passing anti voting laws---many more Americans are going to lose the right to vote.

Without our right to vote we will lose many of our precious rights and freedoms.

Trump-Republicans are attacking our Democratic norms. They want to control who gets to vote, who counts the votes, and who declares the winners.

As an American who loves the precious freedoms of the United States, I cannot sit back and watch our FREEDOM TO VOTE disappear without doing everything I can to help stop this from happening.

Because of the URGENCY of this situation, and with all due respect, I must demand that you ADD to your website's agenda to: PLEASE URGE YOUR READERS TO PEACEFULLY TAKE TO THE STREETS TO PROTECT OUR VOTING RIGHTS IMMEDIATELY.

And because Republicans have passed Anti Voting laws into their favor, including the right to DECERTIFY AND OVERTURN AN ELECTION, they will illegally win in all future elections.

SO FAR Republicans have passed over 400 new anti-voting laws in 49 states using false allegations of voter fraud. Making it much harder for people to vote..


CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS have said that they will OVERTURN any election that does not go their way.


Without the FREEDOM TO VOTE ACT, all parties (except The Republican party) will no longer be able to win elections.

The "Freedom To Vote act" will REVERSE all Republicans ANTI VOTING laws and PROTECT our right to vote.

And if the filibuster still stands in the way, then it must be abolished.

Please push for peaceful mass protests to protect and restore our voting rights before Trumps Republicans succeed in an AUTHORITARIANISM TAKEOVER of the United States.



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Perfectly stated! Thank you, Robert Reich. I wish Joe Biden and the Democratic Party would get your message. I keep writing and calling the White House, my Senators, and my Congresswoman. Your messages give me hope.

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What a great idea for Democrats (SARCASM) kick out anyone who doesn't go along and Make McConnell's Day...all committee chairs will be Republicans....judges, the most long lasting people in govt. will be decided by theocracy leaning GOP. We don't like Manchin, but two very important things. 1. He isn't running, 2. he's a Democrat.

How about running on "We need more Democrats, because a 50 -50 split is not enough." Unlike the GOP Democrats sometimes don't vote as a 100% block.

Can you PLEEEZE (cartoon cat) write columns against 50 GOP Senators instead of one renegade Democrat, against the GOP Congress people who threaten to take control of the House and make the Speaker McCarthy who will put dangerous people as chairs of all committees. If you don't like what Manchin is doing, you REALLY won't like what a GOP lead Congress does.

You will never change Manchin's mind or win independent voters by beating this drum.

If you want people to be mad at, you have Cruz, Hawley, Bachman, Grassley, McConnell and a few hundred more in Congress....you have down ballot elections to motivate you.


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Agreed. It is greed. Once the smoggy air produced by Trump blows away (and he is a giant dumpster fire that keeps smoldering) may we finally be able to see that McConnell and Machin are our two biggest stumbling blocks. Biden is too kind and perhaps too old to expose them for what they are, followers of money. This does nothing for the people or the environment, which really need some attention right now.

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Greed at its finest. I doubt he is going to be ousted. So we need to win more Democratic seats which overrides his sfb power . But at this rate, we will be lucky to hold onto the seats we have. Biden is definitely NOT the sales person to his voters as trump is to his voters. This spells disaster.

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