Speaking to power is always a task, but somebody has to pull off the mask. The greed heads and oligarchs will rob us all blind, it's almost enough to ruin your mind. So join Robert Reich and keep up the struggle, when working together our efforts redouble. A better economy, more electoral clout will help the most people, of that I've no doubt. So take to the streets, protest and shout, that's what a democracy's really about.

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So now it’s the season! We know what it’s for!

said the GOP numpties, proceeding to bore.

Good news for the poor is the theme of the season!

So we’ll strip them naked for any old reason.

It’s good for their souls when their bodies are starved.

For tycoons’ Christmas dinner? It’s labor, thin-carved!

So much for the preacher who same to the humble—

he’s a chump. We’ve replaced him with sweets for the grumblers!

Though he preached community we know that’s a crock—

each one, one walled unit, with two count ‘em socks.

Sure, they’re hung by the chimney to collect fiscal bounty—

and we’ve weapons to guard them—ten, twenty—who’s counting?

Come Kluxers, come Proud Boys, come armed Three Percenters,

come Patriot Front and all pallid resenters.

We depend on your power but you’re pulling our slay—

we do dangle carrots but you choose our way!

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Hey don't hold your breath expecting any assistance from congress. I retired from Postal Service in 2015. I think it was 2002 or 2003 when then President Bush set up this postal committee. What they set up was this odd financial burden on Postal Service that we, us.. had to pre pay $5 billion a year into retirees health plans each year. The Postal Service was already running on a minor profit each year and sometimes a slight deficit. Now with this extra $5 billion, the Postal Service began to have to borrow money to make ends meet. So the Union and management, on a rare occasion agreed something must be done. So a campaign was launched to contact your government representative... so yes I did call and I suspect thousands of others did also.. and you know what NOTHING done to address this.. so folks do not hold your breath on waiting for our Congress to act.. the end.

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Love the poems! Here's my meager contribution:

The Former Guy promised "Drain the Swamp!" as a feature.

Instead, he added creature after creature.

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Brilliant and Funny!!! But relief is on the way. I love our local Post Office here in Craig, Colorado. My Carrier is a wonderful guy and I depend on the Post Office for virtually all of my mail, including prescription drugs. He is very upset with DeJoy but confident that DeJoy will soon be fired and that our great United States Postal Service will expand and prosper!!

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Awesome. Personally I think that Democrats first priority after the Infrastructure bill is the Voting Rights Bill carved out of the filibuster followed by replacing DeJoy and then tackle the obstructionist Manchin on the BBB bill.

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Great storytelling! It will be nice to see that postal Grinch go! Otherwise we could see the nation ''going Postal'!

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I hereby grant you the grand champion status of clever, witty, truthful & fun. Fantastic graphics! This made me smile! Thank you.

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Republicans are Red,

Democrats are Blue,

All I have to Say,

Is "Merry Christmas" to You!

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Dear Robert; There is a petition suggesting you take over his job. Do you want it? David Reno

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I love this!

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It is so sad that there are so many people forget decency and righteousness. I always believe goodness will prevail, but it needs a good person like you and many many more to work hard to get close to it. I used to believe in the virtue of Capitalism, haven grown up from a Communist country, and was dubious about 'socialism'. As I learned more of the world and people, I become very found of the Australian way of mixed socialistic approach and capitalism. Of course, we have problems too,. I never forget what one young photographer said years ago: "I don't mind paying high tax for the security of the society." We certainly have much less extremely rich people paying zero tax, less crime, no gun massacre, less desperate people and free medicine for all! Before I retired, I have great satisfaction to be able to treat anyone free. Free medical care is a human right!

Thank you Mr Reich, I am glad many young people have joined you! There is hope for the future! Hope more rich people understand as much as the young photographer. By paying tax, taking care of everyone's basic needs - everyone of the country benefits.

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Bravo! Now let's listen again. But all must remember, The question remains WHEN????

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I live in a very rural area. The post office can only stay open til 11:30 am but it's a lifeline - the closest Fed Ex is in another state. What troubles me most is the effect on veterans whose meds are delayed, for longer & longer periods. Were veterans, or other citizens affected by USPS slowdowns, big donors, more senators & representatives would publicly pressure the board - I can tell you calls/letters seem to make no difference. Kudos to Sen. Hirono as the exception; she has highlighted this repeatedly.

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The loss of the post office devastates me. I cannot understand why Biden does not fire this criminal destroying the post office. I have had to move most of my bills to online and I hate it. I wrote Biden a letter asking him to fire DeJoy early in the administration. Biden is doing and letting immediately worse things happen (involving killing and destroying people's lives or ratcheting up anger with other countries, to go to war or sanctions which starve people and leae them sick without medicine) but this is central too. A central place for communications in a decent society is being destroyed before our very eyes, day by day. I do watch your videos and read the newsletters.

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Leonard Cohen sings about cracks where the light gets in. It would seem the post office sabotage isa deliberate attempt to further disenfranchise the underprivileged mass of people struggling to adjust to a wildly evolving society. Somehow the post office system cold reconfigure itself to be a financial institution where people could register to get their checks cashed while perhaps sending a portion to family members stranded in other countries. There are no mistakes only lessons. we have an opportunity to learn more about injustice in an impoverished world.

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