I’m so glad you’re here.

My goal is to understand an economic system now run less by free markets than by the moneyed interests, and a political system run less by the people than by the powerful.

I’ve spent much of the last half century pushing for positive social change — from the inside (as Secretary of Labor, representing the U.S. before the Supreme Court, advising presidents). And from the outside (author of eighteen books and co-creator of two documentaries, chair of Common Cause, co-founder of “The American Prospect” the Economic Policy Institute, and Inequality Media, and teacher of several generations of students).

And now this newsletter — and an opportunity for us to work together.

Those with power do whatever possible to disguise it. Which is why, like me, I imagine that you distrust experts who disguise their power under layers of jargon, politicians who hide their power with spin, CEOs who conceal their power by maximizing shareholder value, economists who camouflage their power behind supply and demand, demagogues who build their power on scapegoats, and billionaires who cover up their power with philanthropy.

This newsletter is an opportunity for us to expose hypocrisy and reveal where power resides, who’s abusing it, and what we can do about it. It serves as a tool for me to explore new frameworks for understanding the system, building off of what you all write in the comments.

If we are to be free and if democracy is to thrive, we must know where power resides, who has it, how it is used and abused. Seeing the system for what it is will enable us to join together to move it in a more humane direction.

How do we do this? Put simply: Follow the money. Trace the influence. Find the controls. Distrust those who conceal power. Know the truth and spread it.

Who I am

A teacher. A father and grandfather. A writer. A maker of videos and documentaries. Author of national bestsellers including most recently, The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It. Co-creator of two award-winning documentaries: Inequality for All, and Saving Capitalism for the Many. Professor at Berkeley. In the last century, U.S. Secretary of Labor.  

Also a cartoonist (not an artist).

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Robert Reich 
Professor, writer, former Secretary of Labor, author of The System, The Common Good, Saving Capitalism, Aftershock, Supercapitalism, The Work of Nations. Co-creator of "Inequality for All" and "Saving Capitalism." Co-founder of Inequality Media.
Heather Lofthouse
Executive Director of Inequality Media Civic Action, a digital media non-profit co-founded by Robert Reich